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Our History

Abanicos Carbonell history

Arturo Carbonell is the founder of Abanicos Carbonell C.B, therefore he is the representative of the first generation of this company. In 1864, he bought an old fan factory, a business that had begun in 1810 but that he knew how to manage and turn it into a benchmark for success. The death of the founder of the company, makes the management pass into the hands of his son Arturo Carbonell Requena (2nd generation) and later his grandson José Carbonell Peydró (3rd generation).

“To know the world of the fan is to know a world unknown to many, but full of secrets and virtues” says Guillermo Carbonell, representative of the fourth generation. An affirmation that Paula Carbonell initiates, fifth generation of Abanicos Carbonell. At the moment both, to the front of one of the few historical companies that survive and with great force in the city of Valencia.

Abanicos Carbonell C.B fans are 100% handmade. Elaborated totally in the Valencian Community, we counted on the collaboration of professionals as much of all the Community as of the rest of Spain. Therefore, we speak of 100% Spanish fans.

The great quality of each of the pieces we make at Abanicos Carbonell C.B has meant that our fans have left Spain to countries as far away as Japan or the Philippines. It is about unique pieces that have come to be exhibited in museums in Spain or France.

Throughout the years, our headquarters has been going through the most emblematic areas of the city of Valencia. Passing through Guillem de Castro Street, Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, Martí Street or San Vicente Street. Currently, the Abanicos Carbonell C.B shop and factory is located in C / Castellón 21 in the heart of Valencia, where you can find pieces with a wide variety of materials, colors and designs ranging from € 2 to € 12,000.

Our fundamental pillars


Artisan product endorsed by more than 200 years of history


Quality mark AEA (Spanish Fan). Registered by the Gremio de Abanicos de Valencia.


We are factory but also small commerce and we attend from your to you.


Valencia is the cradle of the Spanish handfan. All our handfans are made in the Comunitat.


We elaborate fans in which crafts and design have all the protagonism.


We like what we do, we have an authentic passion for our products.

Abanicos Carbonell currently

Despite the years, the essence of Abanicos Carbonell C.B continues being the same one that our founder, Arturo Carbonell, established. From him, we learned the trade and thanks to him we continue working on our passion, which is craftsmanship through fans. Hand painted, handcrafted and always emphasizing the importance of the Spain brand. Characteristics that turn each of our pieces into unique models worthy of any collector.

We are aware of the history that precedes us, so we continue to pamper step by step the manufacturing process of each of our fans. We have the best artists, who put their art at our disposal, to create Spanish fans that can only be found in our store.

We take care of the details because we know that there lies the essence of the continuity in our company’s time. Living history in 2018 that we continue creating every day at Abanicos Carbonell C.B.